Why Colombian coffee tastes better?

Colombian coffee has a rich, earthy, and bold flavor, which is why it tastes so good. The beans are roasted with sugar cane and the local water is also very important in the process.

It could be hard to find Colombian coffee in the UK, but luckily Coffee Temple is based in Cambridge to delight with South American coffee and more. In Coffee Temple we’ve been working for several years now from Cambridge and distribution to all UK and Europe. 

colombian coffee beans
Coffee Temple beans plantation growing in Colombia.

Our coffee is grown in the mountains, where it has a shorter time to develop its flavor than other types of coffees. This creates a more complex flavor profile that you cannot find in other types of coffees. Being more specific, the high altitude in Colombia causes the beans to grow slower and with less chlorophyll. The low levels of chlorophyll mean that more sugars and oils are made available for roasting. The lower levels of oxygen also means that there is less oxidation after roasting which decreases bitterness in the coffee.

Coffee Temple UK was created by Colombian born Mr. Carlos Latorre. He and his expert barista skilled team are passionate about bringing the best to their customers with a taste for adventure. Whether you need a pick-me-up, a caffeine fix or some fuel for a long day, we’ve got you covered!
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In summary, we are offering an excellent variety of the best Colombian coffees at a great price as well as delicious food to go with it. You can always find Coffee Temple truck settled along the river, able to serve you with a smile and a taste you’ll hardly forget. 

Find the Coffee Temple truck by following us on Facebook and Instagram and access to our online store where you can find the best coffee from Colombia but also other coffee producer countries in South America and Africa. And we deliver right to your door with a generous delivery fee.

Visit our website coffeetemple.co.uk, or come see us – we’re sure you’ll love it here as much as we do!

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