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Carlos Andres Latorre Martin

Coffee Temple is the brainchild of Carlos Martin.  Born in Colombia, Carlos moved to Spain where he served in the Marines, before heading north.

Carlos’ entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for business acumen led him to Cambridge, where he has founded his importing business Coffee Temple. An enterprise that imports coffee from Colombia using a direct trade model.

“I speak directly to the small-scale growers in Colombia and make sure they are supported. Everything I import is fair trade.”

Colombian coffee is just the tip of the iceberg. Carlos’ aim is to bring flavours from around the globe to local customers in the UK.  Carlos’ appetite for enterprise is rooted in the oldest and most trustworthy method of referral, word of mouth.

“We have the support of a local coffee shop in Cambridge, and through word of mouth, Coffee Temple is excited to see where our Coffee Temple can go''.